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let your soul find your vocation and create A business true to your spirit

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Welcome to

This is the beta run for the uniquely crafted “Sacred Biz” course! The intention is to give you space to form this course with me. I thus only invite the perfect 10 people to go on this journey with me and I hope you give me the best testimonial ever!

All spots are taken! Thank you for your trust!
Next round will be september 2019!
Be sure to get on my list to get notified!

There will be 8 live calls (bi-monthly) and separate one on one mentoring sessions!
You get weekly homework and daily accountability

Business is not about money, it is about serving the purpose of your soul.
— Verena Fay

Features / Intentions of Sacred Biz


Sacred Focus #1

Your inner child

Together we will go deep to find who you truly are. Inside you there is your inner girl waiting for you. She knows who you are and what the business which you will be happy with really is. She has played it before to make her dream come true. She is the keeper of the secret. Only if you let her speak she can pass the knowledge and wisdom to you (her adult self) to create more of what she always wanted to when she was fully accepted once.
Your inner child is the messenger between your inner woman and your inner man and by having a happy and constant conversation you will soon feel whole and connected again. Your creativity will show a natural expression with a super-authentic voice from within.

Sacred Focus #2

Your self-Image

What is your relationship with money telling you? Do you have enough, where does it come from? Is it easier to receive or give? What do you use it for mostly? How do you generate it easily? Money is just another expression of flow and expresses how you are fluent in your life. What stories around money have you seen/ been told and been into?

Money is meant to be without any emotional relationship but we have somehow connected money to self-worth and gave it a meaning when and how we have to appear worthy to receive it. This old pattern has to be disconnected once and forever to break free and give money its healthy flow again.



Sacred Focus #3

Your Service for the world

Whatever your inner child tells you needs to be brought to life in your sacred business. It is an absolute responsible act of choosing the service which will not only make YOU happy and fulfilled but also your customers. There has to be that spark of healing that will lighten up the path for others by giving your service. You already know deep inside what the best way to bring the light is and to re-center to this idea again will make the world a happier and more paradise-like place. It is your adult choice to step into your business shoes and to bring a new female way of business onto this planet. It is created by choosing a dream and by standing together strong in the circle which then expands naturally.


 Choose your payment option

Reserve your spot for one payment of 397€ (save over 100€)
or 3 monthly installments of total 499€ (which makes 166,34€ each).
There are only 10 spots in full and more than half got claimed already.
Course price will go up to 897€ next round. This is your CHANCE now!



About Me

I am Verena, an artist and healer and have experienced solo-entrepreneurship since 20+ years now. I have had highs and lows, I have had success and fails. The last 5 years though I began to constantly grow because I started to find my own unique way and approached business from the intuitive side, which was much more aligned with my soul and my character. I committed to the one place inside me to let it grow and freed myself to bloom. Lightness and joy are at my side.

With all of my technical knowledge and expertise from doing things I now feel called to teach everything I know, which is quite a lot, you will know what I mean when you have ever worked with me ;-) For a very long time I did not know how to show up in business and to deliver what was inside me, what I was meant to bring to service. Today I can only smile about it as it has always been there under layers of fear and resistance and false orientation. Let me be your guide and educate you back into your soul’s wise core to bring to life what is your true gift.

About You

Have you been searching for a while now with what you could start out in business and how you can grow so that you would feel truly happy and fulfilled? Have you had highs with your business and now feel you are stuck? Are you on a point in your business where you have to make the one decision that does it all? Great! Either you are just starting out or need some soft but fresh push, you are in the best place to be here with me. I will encourage you and bring deep healing and relief to all that frightens you. In our sacred circle you are held and motivated to try things and to get active. You will receive as many concrete advice which will help you make the required steps easily as you need at this very moment. All is aligned with your soul’s deepest purpose and her unique expression.

You will have one on one mentoring and individual help and review on every step you make. So you can be sure all is growing in the right direction. My ability to connect with your soul and to see clearly into higher dimensions will give you a very special benefit and safety, you will feel the truth.

Why you should join now!

  • You respect yourself and know it is time to shine your light bright (get your sh** done and shine on so light takes over)

  • You are born to make a difference in this world by adding your power and strength and show these to other sensitive and intuitive women

  • You are envisioning fulfillment and joy in your business not only for a pocket full of money but for the love of receiving and giving

  • You need to free yourself from old blocking beliefs and get into a healthy flow right now (creation, offers, money, audience, possibilities, etc)

  • There might be more people in the course next time, which means less one on one mentoring possibilities, do not miss out this time!

  • The price of Sacred Biz will go up after beta run - Oops! (Use this unique chance to form the course after your needs and desires and save 500€!)

  • Time is now! There is no better time to get stated than NOW. Let your paradise start to bloom and do not waste any time no more by trying it on your own. No no!

All spots are taken! Thank you for your trust!
Next round will be september 2019!
Be sure to get on my list to get notified!



This schedule is not fixed yet and will get richer as we move through the course together!
Each week will have a certain topic, you will get weekly homework and by Friday you have to report back!

In this course we will have 8 bi-weekly zoom meetings in the group (all recorded to watch later again) and you can also add up extra one on one coaching individually (monthly or bi-monthly or one time). We will have a private Facebook group where we will meet and where you can connect with your art sisters, I will be in the group daily on week-days. All your questions will be answered regularly and in depth.

The course starts June 1st and ends September 30th 2019. Enrollment is open until the 10 spots get claimed, so hurry up some have been taken already! You get instant access to the Facebook group to get to know each other and to prepare yourself.

In a small group of 10 growth-dedicated artsouls we learn step by step how to overcome an old self image and grow into a new self-determined self. Grounding is a very needed aspect while we are growing so I will provide extra healing energy with connecting you to new healing technologies to help you stay focused.

June - Healing

  • Who am I? My Call - My Talent - My Joy

  • Family Patterns and Money Mindset

  • Your Service - Your Offers - Your Light

  • Your Ideal Audience - Who do you serve?

July - Creating

  • Starting an Email-list, Creating a Landing Page

  • Creating an Opt-In, a Point of Entry for your Audience

  • Creating and Presenting an Offer (branding, positioning, pricing, promoting)

  • Following up with your ideal Audience (to learn more of who they are and what they want from you)

August - Manifesting

  • Presenting your Service authentically - Your Room outside You

  • Your Website - Must Haves - Layout - Branding

  • Your Social Media Channels - Best authentic Settings

  • Your Joy and Fulfillment in your Sacred Business

September - Optimizing & Bonuses

  • How to create a simple Funnel

  • How to write Emails for you Audience in your ESP

  • How to find the Tone and Copy for your Audience

  • How to use Facebook Groups

  • How to create a Facebook Page

  • How to set up a Financial Goal and to love Receiving

  • How to present your Products and Offers

  • Next Steps to Move On

Your Bonuses - How to use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to make offers, connect and get your audience engaged

For all of the modules you will get Ebooks to have everything sorted well with all links to easily refer back to at any time ;-)

Sacred Biz - Payment.png

All spots are taken! Thank you for your trust!
Next round will be september 2019!
Be sure to get on my list to get notified!

All given content of the course will be yours to keep for your personal use and can be re-visited at any time to grow strongly into this new business-personality you will become! Create a life that serves you first and then others. Claim this unique chance and work with me in a small group to get extra-close-mentoring!

Out of clutter, find simplicity.
— Albert Einstein

PS: As this will be the Beta version of the course “Sacred Biz” this time I cannot show you FAQs and testimonials, but I hope to get the best reviews from YOU if you join me and a small circle of wonderful women! xo Verena