October 26th-28th 2018 | The Fairy Queen Circle Retreat

October 26th-28th 2018 | The Fairy Queen Circle Retreat

from 450.00

Friday 10am - Sunday 5pm

I am so happy to offer you a healing and creativity retreat in my private rooms again. You will find an atmosphere full of joy and happiness.

This retreat will be held in english and german!

Freitag 10:00 - Sonntag 17:00

Ich freue mich so Euch wieder ein Heilungs- und Kreativitätsseminar in meinen privaten Räumen anbieten zu können. Du findest hier eine Atmosphäre aus Freude und Leichtigkeit.

Dieses Retreat wird auf English und Deutsch abgehalten!

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Ein magisches Schauspiel das Leben ist.
Magie ist der Fluss der Liebe.

Das Angebundensein an die göttliche Quelle ist hier das zentrale Thema.
Genauso das Fühlen der eigenen Mitte und darin sich wieder ganz einzunisten und daraus zu schöpfen.

Kreativer Ausdruck folgt so den Energien, die du hier in diesem Retreat für dich veränderst und manifestierst. Die direkte Verbindung deiner Gefühle und Gedanken, die in deiner Aura und deinem Lichtkörper als Energien zirkulieren und im Laufes dieses Wochenendes geklärt sich dir durch Malen auf Papier und Leinwand zeigen werden, lassen deine Seele zu dir sprechen. Es ist pure Magie wenn das Außen das Innen widerspiegelt und das Innen im Außen in materialisierter Form sich zeigt. In Form von Farben, Mustern, Bewegungen, Gestalten und vielem mehr. Das Malen wird durch mich zuvor kurz technisch angeleitet, ist danach als intuitives Malen zu erleben. Freiheit in schönster Form. Meditationen und schamanische Heilarbeit und Auraarbeit ergänzen den Prozess. Ziel dieses Wochenendes ist es, dich wieder in dein Zentrum zu führen und die Erfahrung des AusDirSchöpfens auf allen Ebenen zu erleben.


  • Malmittel (Leinwand, Papier, Farben, Pinsel)
  • Notizheft und Stift
  • veganes Mittagessen und vitalisierende Snacks
  • Übernachtungsvorschläge in der Gegend
  • Shuttle von der Lokalbahn (Lamprechtshausen) und retour


  • superbequeme Kleidung
  • Hausschuhe o. dicke Socken
  • Malschürze o. großes T-Shirt
  • eigene Farben, Malmittel, Untergründe nach Belieben
  • ein Stein, ein Kristall (Halb-/Edelstein), eine Feder

A magical spectacle is life.
Magic is the flow of love.

Being part of the divine source is the central theme.
Just as to feel one's own center and in it to be fully absorbed and to draw from it.

Creative expression thus follows the energies that you change and manifest for yourself in this retreat. The direct connection of your feelings and thoughts that circulate as energies in your aura and your light body and will be revealed to you by painting on paper and canvas in the course of this weekend, let your soul speak to you. It is pure magic when the outside reflects the inside and the inside in the outside shows up in materialized form. In the form of colors, patterns, movements, shapes and much more. The painting part is first briefly instructed by me, then can be experienced as the intuitive painting process itself. Freedom in its most beautiful form. Meditations and Shamanic Healing and Aura Work complete the process. The aim of this weekend is to bring you back to your center and to experience the experience of being creative at all levels.


  • painting materials (canvas, paper, paint, brushes)
  • notebook and pen
  • vegan lunch and vitalizing snacks
  • local overnight stay proposals
  • shuttle from the local train station (Lamprechtshausen) and back

to bring:

  • ultracozy clothing
  • slippers or thick socks
  • painting apron or big old Tee
  • optionally own paint, stencils, surfaces etc.
  • a natural stone, a crystal, a feather

Frequently asked Questions

1. Who is the retreat for?

The retreat is for women, artists or beginners, who want to experience a weekend of bliss, happiness and joy, connect to like-minded souls and wander through a magical landscape, gather inspiration, eat delicious vegan food and create a lot of artwork from a space within herself in an intuitive way.

2. What language will be spoken during the retreat? 

Due to international attendees the language is English, but as I am a native German speaker you are welcome to overcome blocks while I guide you through!

3. What do I have to bring? 

All materials are here to use and every student gets their surfaces, like canvas or paper. if you have a special wish, just let me know. i do not want you to travel from far and have a heavy suitcase.

4. Where can I spend the nights?

On the retreat-product-page of my website you also find offers with accommodations included from Friday to Sunday (2 nights). I booked the nearest bed&breakfast which you can reach 20 minutes by feet (a nice walk) or I will have someone to drive you there and collect you in the morning.

5. Where is your studio located? 

My studio and where I live is in the rural countryside just outside Salzburg. I recommend to stay in Salzburg the day before the retreat and on Friday early morning you can take the local train and enjoy a lovely ride of 40 minutes. I will organise a transfer to my studio from the train station.

5. Do I have to stay in Salzburg?

No, of course not, that was just my proposal if you are planning a longer stay in Austria. You can either come on Friday morning (we start at 10 a.m.) or stay in the bed & breakfast near to me from Thursday to Friday, where i book you in during the retreat. In this case there are three nights to book. Just tell me when you place your order or we can arrange this afterwards too. There is enough time.

6. I am not sure if a retreat is the right thing for me, what can I expect?

A retreat offers you a one on one experience with me as your teacher in a very small group of like-minded souls. A retreat creates a circle of healing energies and a sacred space to clear and to grow. it is a one time experience which you will keep forever in your heart.

7. I have never painted before, is this for me?

Yes. Absolutely. In every human being there is an artist waiting inside. Painting is the most direct expression to express yourself through color and form. I have had the most stunning experiences to awaken artists-selves on my retreats.

8. I have never done a healing session before, is this for me?

Yes. Absolutely. The healing sessions I offer are soul-managed. That means your soul will tell you what is the best to receive in this very moment. Your soul decides how much, when and what.

9. How can a group healing touch me?

When I do a group healing the higher vibes are connected to the higher self of the group which is connected to everyone in the group. See it as a vessel. Therein all the needed energies fill and take their course to the individual souls.

What can happen is that your soul suddenly decides that it also needs a healing energy another soul has set free on its demand. So you get even more healing than you would get with only your healing call. This is an absolute benefit.

10. I am scared to open up myself before others?

First you do not have to. You decide what to show. In my experience all flows so supernaturally, that this in fact has never been an issue. All your fears and reservations will be blown away when you meet your soulsisters and arrive in my love filled studio.

11. I have a concern that there might be competition among the attendees?

Trust me on this. As soon as I would spy something like this I would put this issue out for solving. This also has never happened in a group with me. I am aiming to manifest groups with retreaters who are full of love and understanding and who know that playing ego has no space here.

12. I have never traveled on my own, do you give assistance?

Salzburg is a very safe and easy place to travel to. Also where I live is safe and people are friendly and love to help. Whenever you need help on planning your trip, I am pleased to guide you through. Just mention this with your booking. I will in any case have all the details needed prepared for you to reach me on ease.

13. Is there some more information before the retreat?

I will have a Facebook group set up for my lovely retreaters, so they can communicate with me easily and also plan meeting points while travelling here. I also ask for certain preferences, as food allergies or all you want to share before the retreat. All questions will be answered there.