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Giving and receiving are the same energy actually.
You give love and you receive love.
Gratitude is a loved child of giving and receiving and will form a path of peace inside of you.

xo, Verena


Custom Painting Service

If you are considering a custom painting, I would love to serve you here as well.

Love Gift Card
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You can choose from different amounts and use it on everything in the shop!
Du kannst aus verschieden Beträgen wählen und den Gutschein im gesamten Shop einlösen!

When adding to the Cart you can tell me special words to add or wishes etc. The Gift Card is being sent to you via e-mail.
Bei deiner Bestellung kannst du mir noch spezielle Glückwünsche o.ä. mitteilen. Der Gutschein kommt per e-mail zu dir.

For a custom amount please contact me here. Wenn du einen anderen Betrag wünscht schreib' mir bitte hier.

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Giving is loving
— my inner Love Angel