Re-Center Program — Vol.1

Re-Center Program — Vol.1

1,200.00 2,400.00

my one-year-long mastercourse

Open to a group of only 20 Souls!

We have already started, but you can still join within April.

There are a few seats available still.


It is all about YOU and who you really are. This is not one of the many programs which you run through. This is for you if you can take your time with yourself. When you are ready to trust your soul, you will get results here. Only if you trust your intuition you will succeed here. It is up to you. You know it already.

The program is offered in english and german.

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Requirements to take part in this course extraordinaire

  • You are an old Soul, a messenger of the Light
  • You have done your basic spirtitual and energetic work, you consider yourself a creator
  • You want to create a life and a world after your highest purpose of joy
  • You know you have to take over full responsibility for your life and its effects
  • You unconditionally trust your soul
  • You go with your intuition unconditionally

We are going into relaxation, release and exhaling all fear and anxieties. You are aware that the group energy will multiply the healing process. In a group the energies are cross-linked together and the healing process is partitioned between the attendees. This is very amazing and so much more healing will take place in shorter time as if you were alone working on only your present issues. You will be healing issues you are not even aware of, because other persons in the course are going to solve them. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

What I do is to build an energetic room-structure whereto your soul is connected during the time of the course. This structure is not bound to time and space. It is a pure energetic structure overwatched by some of the highest lights in the universe. You will get all the information during the course.

We will paint every month together to get it out and to put it out. You will feel this satisfying method and the happy place you will be then. You do not have to have any artistic experience. It all lies in yourself. The creative power just gets lit herein. And if you are an artist the paintings may evolve in a totally new direction.

Creation is the best way to transform. To direct the energy and to see with your physical eyes what is happening and to have a reminder/helper/visible guide during the process.


Why work with ME?

If you don't know me this is an appropriate question, if you know me, the question is irrelevant.

I have gone through it all. I have done all my work (neverending by the way) myself and am totally aware of who I am. This is my Superpower. To know who I am. Absolutely there are facettes of me I will get to know time by time, but the essence has been opened to me during my work and made it possible to let go the old conformations of previous-lives-promises. I dedicated to my decisions and took my soul by my hands to live this wonderful life now. I am at peace. I am at home in myself. Something I want for everyone to experience.

I am empathic and true. I love to get to know my clients, therefore a small group. I love it the family's way. I believe in mystery and magic. I have had the pleasure to acknowledge them. I know that everyone is divine and full of strength and wonders to be opened now. Time is up. Time is now. Let yourself be sourrounded by magic and the love of like-minded souls. In this group you will find friendship for your life, this is affirmated by me to be so.

I have the wisdom and the energetic skills to build this energetic field, through which you will be held during the time of the year.


In this sacred space there is room

  • to let go
  • to relax
  • to surrender
  • to learn
  • to stand up
  • to grow
  • to heal in all directions
  • to feel
  • to create
  • to empathize
  • to watch
  • to stand out
  • to retreat
  • to re-center again

All you have to do, is trust your so wise Soul. All is so easy indeed.


What you get

One group session a month. This can be a healing, a live-talk, really depends on the energy then.
(worth 2400 €)

One creative session a month. Live-painting with me.
(worth 2400 €)

One personal channeling (written healing words via pdf-file in english or german by your choice) with a reading of cards for the circle of one year.
(worth 400 €)

One personal call (english or german by your choice)
(worth 400 €)

During the whole time the energy structure I built and daily re-connect, is constantly providing you with mystical and healing vibes in any form.
(worth beyond numbers)

A private VIP facebook group to get daily contact or help if needed, also to form friendship and interchanging experiences. I will check in mostly daily.

5600 € for only the things you can weigh by numbers and so many magical invisible encounters. The early bird price (1200€) is half the full price (2400 €) and will stay on for the first 10 souls to enroll.

For members in this course all Re-Center SoulArt Retreats are —50% for a lifetime.

All you get here is yours to keep forever and you get access to any updates of all next volumes as well for free! Forever.

The first challenge for you will be to trust your soul and intuition to enroll here, even if you do not know me, even if I don't offer you my references. You do this by listening to your heart deeply. The answer is here ever since our souls have met in other lives. This very first step is the first step into yourself, to decide by your heart only.

Be blessed
'til we meet again