What disconnects you from Happiness?

In our Art&Soul School Community, we lately had the lively discussion of what it could be that you let happiness not fully overtake your life.

Sure HAPPINESS is a long-term goal and it will never be only happy but it is a state to create life more happily and more after your purpose. So what is it that makes life often seem to disconnect from the place where you could feel connected instead.

Feeling connected is what we wish. How can we reveal and even delete the blocks?

Let's investigate this. Please let's go on an adventure with me and notice where the landscape of the soul can be freed and made more flowing and beautiful and natural.

Doing this with eyes closed will present you images of the soul and trusting those you can re-create this reality here.

Share your experiences below in the comments, please.

K says she felt it as worry and that it makes no sense as it is projecting a possible future and how it is totally pointless in her eyes. 

N says: “the fear of the past and the future disconnects me from my soul and my happiness. The feeling of security and kindness connects me and nourishes me .”

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Maria says for her it is regrets. I answered to her: “It is when we hold on to missed chances and do not allow life to just happen, right? What regret is worth cutting ourselves from the flow of life? Just a pure waste of time. The ocean will not regret a single wave. Be like the ocean. “

Happiness is a journey, I am sure - as life itself, like sitting on the top of the wave and overseeing the whole meaning of the world. Being carried back to the shore and feeling how we came into this life from our mother’s bodies with the water out of her belly. It felt warm. How was your landing on earth sweetheart? Can you remember?

Life has brought you to this special shore but now it is up to you which path you take. Whenever you are blocked in your life, just go back to the shore where you were born, plant a seed of love to guide you in your life. Take a rest and wait till the seed sprouts and tells you what life is holding as a golden surprise for you. You will win, you will rise into a kind and wise human who has remembered how it is to sit on the top of a wave. To truly understand life’s meaning.

Exactly this is why we feel so calm and safe at the beach near the sea and reload our batteries.

When I was in the south of India in February 1999 I was at such a point in my life. I was sitting at the beach, just me alone and the water and the sun. Suddenly a bright light came from the sun in the way of a soft lightbow towards me and it entered my energetic field. All this happened in the blink of an eye. I did not know at this time what it was and what it meant, but it felt comforting and real. I kept this experience and still do as it has just happened. In this very moment.

Later thinking back and understanding the context my life is woven in, I realized that this light was the soul of my daughter entering my aura to see if she wants to grow me into her mother, and she said yes and did. This wonderful child has brought me so much happiness the last 20 years. She is a real mastress in happiness. She carries the spirit of a dancing gypsy in her heart. She loves colors and music. She does beautiful henna tatoos. Her spirit is soft and strong.

As I mentioned above happenings which feel so real and true and undoubtedly divine for us have this feel of the present moment and I guess this is really the key of finding happiness in life.

Stop worrying about the future, it is not written yet.

Stop regretting the past, it can be changed back from the present moment.

Really come and be in this unique moment now and breathe and see it is all one and it is all good.

And then smile and just be thankful. This will make you happy. Even if it is just for a mini-small-little moment.

Do it often and the moments add up and your life will show many happy moments. That’s all. So easy. This is how I want it to see and be.

Please share you thoughts and experiences with me here in the comments or join our Community of loving and caring Souls!

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