Finish a Painting


How to finish a painting is likely the most tricky of questions with not one fits all answer.

Some paintings are easy to finish, they have started out easily and are finished in exact this flow of natural flow.


But also some of those easily started paintings will create blocking energy when they nearly seem finished.

I found out it has more to do with the way you handle things generally than how you feel in the moment. How you create in general and how this translates into your painting practice. And of course, it has to do with your eye.

It is how you see!


I just promised myself to finish these three works which have had different stages from start to here and there and never ending stories to tell, so my focus and how I wanted to see them was that they, even though not started as such, should be finished as a homogeneous work and this decision only made the work flow. So it is a part of our self how we overcome long overdue decisions and making a point. Sometimes you just feel a work that is coming to an end, than you just follow the flow. But sometimes you just have to bring things to an end. as in life, my friend. And you choose if the end is MAGIC.

I am curious how you experience the act of finishing a painting, a series or a pile of work, that has no exact end planned.

Share your thoughts in the comments below and let me know how you create the magic.
xo Verena

This is meant to become a series of tips and tricks we gather and how we can create more freely and intuitively. → HOW TO #001

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