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This past year 2018 has taught me a lot about myself. i am sure more than all the past 40+ year in this life. Also I am sure the rising of the earth’s energy helped a lot. So the moment I decided to let myself be guided by my intuition fully things started to come into flow. I got more on track with my life as a business owner than in the last 10 years. One main thing I have changed is I have made a decision. One clear decision and it all fell into place. One clear Yes and doors have opened. Doors I did not even know they existed.

Demo painting for the Free Training Group in Fall 2018 © Verena Fay

Demo painting for the Free Training Group in Fall 2018 © Verena Fay

CLICK HERE to download the painting “Abundance in your Heart” for free as a desktop wallpaper or printout (8x10in) to daily remind yourself of how abundant you are already. For your private use only.


Trust in the process

So I told myself to really go for it and I started my first online course a VIP course for great transformation on a personal level through making art. While making this experience I had to learn a lot how to become a better teacher and also found out that I can do things I did not know about myself. I got really in tune with the challenges and I mastered them. Fear was not my helper. Joy and excitement were. Curiosity and positive feedback also were. And mostly the positive vibes my students brought back to me. This really makes my day each day. This is the cause why i think it is good what I am doing. i learned that only if I put myself out there I well get results. It is not about the results in the end but they can bring you forward. i think too little people just try and error and try again and do it differently without having a problem to change direction or changing paths. It all comes back to your inner voice and to your inner wisdom. You are the creator and you only know deep inside where you should go. So just make the first step and then decide for the second one, Just begin and make a move. there are a lot of possibilities and people might overwhelm you but this is not important. What really counts is that you act after your inner voice after your souls desires and wishes. All that counts for you. make yourself a priority. This I also learned and by doing so I could really help others. My thinking was weird in the beginning, as we are all taught to act selflessly in a common spiritual sense. Then I discovered to prioritize my needs and wishes only creates the room to act selflessly. Because if there is no room i cannot invite souls. So I created this room. The Art&Soul School and this project could not have been chosen by my mind it was created by a higher source and by deeply listening to my tribe’s needs.


Here’s to the new - Goodbye old

Letting go of things and circumstances has always been easy to me, often too easy. This means I have ended relationships before they had actually ended or projects also. My goal for these next few months is to review all of those open ended circles and really close them, to really let them go. You should also watch out for them. They are still in your energetic field and still do some shouting and whistles, because they have been unheard or ignored, listen to them and set them free. It is all coming to an end. To now open the new room for the new earth. This will be different, no more healing needed, only creation, only creation, and this is for you. You are the creator and you should claim it. They power of creation. Because time is now and the earth has been waiting for this time so long and now this time is here. It sound like a dream to me but the dream is becoming a reality and this makes me endlessly happy. So let us celebrate life over and over again and create this new reality called life on earth now.


Looking forward to an exciting year with more lessons on how to be a better human and teacher. More decisions to come and pointing the way for all these beautiful energies which make my life full and fresh and unique.

What is your priority in 2019?
Please share in the comments, I’d like to know.

xo Verena

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