Colorlove #002


A new moon is arriving in the sign of Pisces. Tap into your inner philosopher. So that is what we'll do. Get out some inner wisdom and let us start to talk about all the talents within you and the knowledge you want to dive deeply into. To bring all of this to the light for the new world to arrive as soon as possible.

This new moon encourages compassion but also karmic friendship and soul mate unions. In particular, this is an excellent moon phase for practical magic and making your dreams come true.

Last month I presented to you the new blog-post-series on a monthly Healing Color called Colorlove.

In periodical steps, I will guide you through the field of colors from an energetic universal view and tell you how to benefit from this wisdom in your daily life.

This month I bring to you Soft Pink and its energetic characteristics.

Soft Pink.png

Personality & Use for you

Its energy is warm, comforting and soft.
Soft Pink is related to the heart chakra.

You are a child of the sun, your tribe is a sweet little family, animals included. Your inner child is awakened and so are all the inner fantasies.

Go outside, play with butterflies and dragonflies and surround yourself by a family (or friends) that fills your heart with a soothing warmth of friendship and laughter.

Soft Pink is connected to your intuition, the wise aspect of your soul, and deeply brings to you wisdom of nature, especially flowers and the play of light. Feel the freedom that lies in accepting just being you in a wonderful world. Accept the illusion that you want this world to be the best version you can dream of. And make it true by daydreaming and manifesting those dreams in a playful way of trust and stillness into your own reality.

Aspects of Soft Pink

  • pulse

  • daydreaming

  • trust that you are held by friends

  • love is all you are

  • you are so rich

  • diving into your softest femininity

  • playfulness in nature

  • connection to the inner sun

  • lighthearted

  • your sisterhood

  • being outside in springtime

  • creating a temporary cozy nest


  • fire


  • your spiritual rise

  • your heart

  • your heart’s wisdom

  • your inner child/family


I am sending you healing vibes with this information and am I am so looking forward to reading what you are experiencing.
Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Love to speak all colours
xo Verena


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