Colorlove #001


Today on a sudden I knew a new project would begin, it has been opening to me since a while, but I did not know the way “how to”. But, you know, as I have deeply learned to trust my intuition always I knew the time would come and today is the day. Celebrate with me!

I will share periodical magical colour-inspirations with you to enrich your life with the cosmic healing vibes colours are sending out constantly. Their frequency is always healing. Which means connecting to a certain tone or shade brings you exactly what you need right now.

The first shade referring to the New Moon in Aquarius yesterday and the Beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year is soft Seaweed Green.

Seaweed Green.png

Personality & Use for you

Its energy is fresh, nurturing and strong.
Seaweed Green is trusting the waves to bring the best from far.

You are well grounded and called to move softly. You are well held by others who also follow the energy flow as you do, which means like-minded people will create a strong field of love for you.

Find yourself a community of strong and like-minded souls, so you get in the flow and trust that all is coming your way naturally easy.

Seaweed Green also has the gift of nurturing others from an ancient wisdom aspect.
Its essence is directly connected to the beginnings of emotional growth.
Getting to know your emotional behaviours better this colour can help you.

Aspects of Seaweed Green

  • new growth

  • rejuvenation (eliminates the mindset of aging)

  • stability in who you are

  • living your femininity

  • trust (universal and human)

  • longing for fresh and natural food (detoxing)

  • well rooted

  • community (your supporting tribe)

  • fresh air (being outside)

  • new opportunities / new doors opening


  • yin wood


  • your strength

  • your softness

  • your trust

  • your tribe


I am sending you healing vibes with this information and am I am so looking forward to reading what you are experiencing.
Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Love to speak all colours
xo Verena


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