Wondering what my students are working on in the Art&Soul School membership? They are just the best. I am so proud of them. They artistically and spiritually evolve so much quicker than I could ever have estimated. All is in such a great flow, makes me feel so right being their guide.

If YOU, yes you are one of my students, you can really give yourself a big hug for being brave, for the great work you have already put into Basic Trust and Selflove and all the wonderful paintings also. I am more than thankful to have gotten the privilege by our kind universe to do such powerful work with you! What an honor. Deep bow!

If YOU are not a student yet, you might be burningly interested to learn more about the work we do behind the curtain.

I get by with a little help from my friends.
— John Lennon

Today I am introducing a woman’s work to you who sparks our community with so much joy every single day! Thank you Natalia for being part of our journey!

Her paintings hold so much joy which she had to dig deep to being able to find again and now it is a part of Natalia’s life again.

In the Art&Soul School membership I help my students with the monthly meditations to bring you in a state of “think NOT” and so activate the intuitive creative flow, so you just have to follow the painting prompts and the healing prompts and all will be opened by your soul. Magic is on.

We are painting with acrylics on paper mostly to keep it simple and to allow play. Some students have a background in art others do not. In this process we are all the same, we start from our core, from our golden soul. She lets us experience something new and speaks to us from deep inside. You feel the peace, the power, and the joy at once. All at the same time. This is what I call art, this is true painting to me. The process of being aware of our feelings and let them take over the canvas, the paper, what medium ever. We are the observers and the actors without wanting anything. We are just here to create free from our heart to bring joy, wisdom, and healing to this world. Just start and you will see what I mean by that.

Keep on painting

DO NOT think, paint!
xo Verena

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