How Deep

A little story of a painting that surprised me.

In reality, I do not even know why (of course I do, but it is not obvious for the viewer).
You would say this is your painting, I can see your colors, I can see your brush-stroke, I can see the feeling you transport as I always recognize your art.

But there is one slightly difference: This painting was crystal clear about itself from the beginning.

I think it is that it got to start differently then I am used to starting a painting and the end result I love but I couldn't have predicted. Those moments in my artistic work are the most rewarding and stay the moments I am looking forward to happening more and more.This painting represents my mindset in this very unique moment of clarity I do not normally start a painting with because I love to let myself get lost in the creative flow.

All this I am experiencing as minimal nuances in my workflow and the more you get aware of yourself the more you notice those slightly different energies that may open a new door for you. I now know that even in intuitive creation I can decide what end-result I can/want deliver. That is a whole new universe opening to me. Wow! And of course it is all connected to and going hand in hand with my aura and light-body development.

We are living in times where they constantly tell you to go for it and do and take action and so on. So if then they say go for your dreams and do and take, lead and make, this and that you immediately feel burned out. I can tell you if you are in a really deep transition then it is time to just sit it out. Maybe that break up is not really fully fulfilled or you are not really seeing the new. It would be totally worthless in this state to just go for it because you don't know where to go. Sometimes it's better to be totally in this really female and passive energy and then from this the creation will manifest itself from just watching and listening inside and noticing the signs that you get and everything will be alright. It's like cooking a meal with new ingredients with a lot of attention, what it will be at the end is a surprise, of course you could also cook it after the recipe but then you don't let yourself be surprised by the act of creation.

When you instead go to paint from your soul you will get the answers and can rely on them. Your soul is speaking clear and only the truth.

I just have to say I love painting more and more. I did not think this would be possible as it was my greatest dream since ever, but there are expanding forms of love, truly amazing.

So I guess this is a never-ending story called LIFE! (or LOVE)

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WATERLOVE Acrylic on Paper 360g/m2 24 x 32 cm | 9.4 x 12.5 in

Acrylic on Paper 360g/m2
24 x 32 cm | 9.4 x 12.5 in

Signed and dated.
Comes with a little personal message on the back.

This calming painting is speaking of two souls who explore the fields of emotion together. You can purchase it right here and get 50 € off as it is not listed in the shop yet.

PS: Pssst this is an exclusive offer only for you!

PPS: Shipping costs apply -depending on your location- and are added up with an extra invoice! Thank you for your understanding.
(Austria 15 €, Europe 25 €, World 35 €)

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