2019 - Closing Old Circles

2019 - Closing old Circles

1. The energy of the year has a focusing tendency, which you perceive as slowing down in life, which is actually really good. This helps you to get rid of no longer needed things, habits, thinking, emotions, etc. You have the chance to step inward and sort it all out. Step by Step.

2. Resistance is a natural habit either to protect you from going new ways or as an old habit coming from fear to not shine your light.
a.) In the first place, it is the brain that wants to keep you safe not taking any risks, because from the life-experience till now the comfort zone is seen as safe. Each time you are up to new experiences there will be a resistance. But with a clear decision, you can overcome this resistance.
b.) In the second place, it is an illusion that you have built up over lifetimes, maybe it has protected you in former lives/times to not shine your light and now it is still reacting on certain situations. Whenever you come across a situation which you are called to shine your light, resistance occurs. So you have a great index to know when you are called to shine your light.

3. Remembering that your soul's core is untouched by duality will help you focus and let go of any resistance.

4. Stepping into new rooms you have to guarantee your soul first that she is free. This new room 2019, which will have its high end of August.

xo Verena

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