Welcome to the Art&Soul School™.

School launched this October! You can join again in January 2019!

I envision a world of peace.
A world where humans respect animals and nature.
A world of free creation and happiness.
YOU are a valuable part in this vision.
YOU can use your innate power to help this vision come to life.


Making art has helped me to heal in a more comprehensive way than anything else

I understand art making as a healing process itself as one always puts out the real self onto the medium.
So art-making is a courageous way to life. And it is a natural way of being true to yourself too.
Your hands are your given instruments connected to your heart. If you decide to manifest something transformative the impact on yourself and the world is so valuable. This is the first step of true manifestation. Being an aura-healer and having experience 10+ years in energetic and shamanic healing, led me to my unique method of combining art-making and energy-healing. I connect to your higher self (the wise aspect of you) and invite your Soul to follow the healing steps.

Peace for You. Peace for the World.
— Verena Fay

Through art we create the first step of manifestation

The school will launch with the first course which is called BE THE HEALING. It is all about you as a healing light for our planet earth.
Finding back to the initial state of being and becoming clear of your golden essence.

I am about to create a full circle of 12 courses to fill a year of creativity and healing.
You are totally free to take the courses self-paced or only choose one or some of them from the first nine.
Courses 10-12 are master courses and you will have to finish 1-9 first. You can become a certified trainer from my school then. Your field of creation then does not have to be painting, it can be any creative discipline you can imagine, as long as it serves the inner creator to awaken.

In every course, which is created for a 4 weeks timetable, there will be:

  • a theme-based intuitively given meditation (try one for free here)

  • a theme-based painting inspiration in video-format

  • weekly prompts which help to free the mind

  • painting examples for more inspiration

  • ancient wisdom to activate your inner wisdom

The courses are designed very clear and simple.
Each course heals in the 4body-system, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

More Inspiration is happening in the private Facebook group, where all of my students are included.
I will provide more inspiration and create a sacred space of healing and creation for you in this group.
When you book your first course you will also have access to all additional exercises and a guide on materials and techniques.

Additionally to the courses you can book:

  • monthly healing sessions

  • quote paintings to guide your daily life

  • monthly live painting sessions with me via zoom plus Q&A


what you learn in my School

  • listening to your intuition

  • trusting your intuition

  • following your intuition

  • understanding energies

  • working with energies

  • healing with energies

  • knowing who YOU are

  • taking your place on earth

  • shining your light

  • becoming who YOU are

  • finding your voice

  • expressing your truth


Outcome of taking my courses

First you have to know yourself before you can heal the world. Benefits of my courses are that you will get re-centered and old wounds will be solved to heal. You will get to know yourself on a deep level and recognize hidden dreams and true desires, which really serve your soul.

If you take a course here in my school, another world in you will open up, a shift of reality will take place. You are step by step guided into more self-awareness and self-realism. You now can start to live life after your deepest desires and follow your calling.

This will happen. You trust your soul. She is becoming your guide.

My courses lay the foundation for all the other wonderful possibilities you can perform in this world. Simply by knowing yourself on a deep deep level.
In business you will be more focused, in partnership you will be less self-destructive, you will meet the right people for you have risen your energy.
As a parent you will be more concentrated on your kids needs and patient if something does not work out the way you hoped, you act from a place of knowing. All parts of life will be affected by your transformation. You become the creator of your life. You become a shining star in this world.


This is NOT for you if you

This is for you if you want

  • to listen to your intuition

  • to channel your personal truth

  • to create from intuition

  • to paint with acrylic paints

  • learn about basics color theory

  • learn about color composition/effect

  • to see the bigger picture

  • to move forward

  • to overcome blocks

  • to create your space to grow

  • to find your place to shine

  • take over full responsibility for your life

  • do not want to grow

  • are inflexible, over-controlling, paranoid

  • blame others for your life

  • are pessimistic by nature

  • do not believe in spirituality to be simple

  • need a guru

  • only follow to follow

  • look for excuses

  • look for a painting technique class

  • just want time to pass

  • need something to cling to

  • just want to show-off

Give yourself completely to the act of listening. Beyond the sounds there is something greater, a sacredness that cannot be understood through thought.
— Eckhart Tolle