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Peace is not something you wish for.
it’s something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away.

- John Lennon



Born in the beautiful city of Salzburg, my family and I moved to several places in Austria. The place that shaped me most was living in a three hundred year old farmhouse during my teens. I have always been a nature wild child and loved this time, being outside and riding my white shettie Sissie. She was a unicorn in her deepest soul. After high-school there has to be made a decision, what to do with my life and as we all know the plan we have as a child often does not work for the adults. For my final exams in school I chose art and during this time, while I prepared the work to show for the commission, I discovered my happy place. Me solo painting in a room, music on (it was Simply Red, Leonard Cohen and the Housemartins on vinyl) and this special feeling of doing the one and only thing heaven has made me for. 

Instantly I told our family friend, who was a famous local artist and teacher, about my artist plans, but what he answered made my house of dreams collapse within a second. Forget it. I trusted him and my parents' opinion and came up with another plan. I went to Vienna to study architecture at the Technical University, as I assumed I could be creative at least. University life was great, a field of experimentation and lots of free time for meeting the most interesting free-minded people around the city.  Compelled to earn money, I began to work in architectural offices beside my studies and I soon realized that real-life architecture was not the thing for me. Too male, too less creative, too many rules. I was again looking for other opportunities. I applied at the fashion institute under Helmut Lang and some other institutes and none of them admitted me. But I did not give up, I wanted to smell the air of one University of Fine Arts from the inside.

I applied at the academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and showed my first video around urbanism and bang! I was in. A total dream. Who would think a video could fit for a commission in architecture at this time? I was proud of my courage and my taking action. One year of total fulfillment. Again: my sacred space in the academy, me creating on a fully free level and showing the best of my creative spirit, music now was R.E.M., Air and Nick Cave on CD. At this time I really felt of being where I should be, but I got pregnant and the daily presence in the academy-life seemed unsuitable for me as a fullheartedly first-time mother. I quit and started to work independantly as a performing and video-artist. Being part of an art-collective we curated a gallery space to give emerging artist a monthly chance to exhibit. I forgot architecture and was reminded of my inner artist waiting patiently. Being a mother has healed me in so many ways. My daughter reminded me of what is important in life, to play and to create dreams to pursue. I made my diploma quite quickly going back to the Technical University and closed my eyes to this chapter of my life. I began to make dreams again. Five years later much has happened, I was living in the countryside again and was up to pursue a creative life and career. I started out with home accessories and my first webshop. Energetic healing naturally accrued with my spiritual growth.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
— Anaïs Nin

In 2014 a local gallery asked me to participate in a group show and I decided to show paintings. Although I was in Jewelry making at this time, I saw my chance to show up as an artist and I began to paint again after years. Painting has always been a part of my life but this time it was different. I felt it would be the time to make a huge change of direction in my life.

The feedback on my paintings was great indeed and I listened. I never stopped to paint since then. I began to understand the puzzle pieces of my life and how they would fit together. I gave myself a promise and today I look back with a smile.



Painting gives me a feeling of

  • Aliveness and Joy
  • Reunion and Connection
  • Freedom and Peace
  • Living my Individuality
  • Creating my Life

As I grew up painting always gave me a sacred space, a moment of time where time would not exist. Through painting I was able to forget who I was and what I could not cope with in life. I created my dream world, made it colourful when colours were absent in life and created places where I wished to be. I could be a child here. I did not understand the adult's world and why they had to be this hard. I intuitively knew life can be soft and wonderful. But life sent me a family of directors, businessmen, teachers and politicians. I felt so wrong around this manly world. A girl, who loved nature and flowers and spoke to her spirit animals and fairy friends. I never really felt understood and this needed many years to heal that my thoughts are right and my expression is worth to be out there in the world. PAINTING GAVE ME A VOICE.


What I wish for the World

My biggest vision for this world is peace. Peace on Earth. It feels so natural to me to keep this vision high. I know everyone has the potential to find this place inside again and also wishes for peace on our planet. What you can do is look for your sadness and your fears and say good bye to them. This is the first step to forgive and live a grateful life again. I also know that leaving the collective in thinking and even emotionally helps to re-center yourself and to find your own path again. Often it is more inner struggle than real fight on the outside. Be soft with yourself and allow yourself to follow your real dream. Create your paradise on earth. Do not wait. Time is now.

I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.
— Elsie de Wolfe

My Work

I have been to India to find mystery, when the soul spirit of my daughter poured into my body as a ball of golden light. I have been to South Africa, the day Mandela came free, to spread freedom and I am living in Austria, close to the heartchakra of our planet, to prepare the base in a shaman's way for the new world to begin at one's heart.

  • I lead you to your inner Artist
  • I show you your beautiful Soul
  • I train you into Freedom
  • I show you your true Voice
  • I guide you to Your Place on earth
Use your Time.
— Toth

Work with me, if you feel there is more than you actually can see. 
Work with me, when you are ready to transform yourself and the world. 
Work with me, if you are courageous and full of power, which needs a clear direction.


I remember a book I had as a child with questions to god and drawings, which I of course completed. This book has made a huge impact on my life. I wish I could once again hold it in my hands. Often it does not need so much. I does need the energy which is aligned with us so that a real transformation can take place. My spiritual gifts go so well with my artistic passions and I am the happiest to make this memorable experience here for YOU with me.

xo Verena

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The world is waiting for you - to show up in your absolute natural beauty!
— Verena Fay